Zukunftsphilologie Will Survive

The finale of the Transregional Academy “World Script: Concepts and Practices of Writing from a Comparative Perspective” took place in a Karaoke Bar in Cape Town’s famous Long Street. Piers Kelly wrote in his “10 Things I learned from World Scripts” report that nobody is a philologist. That might be true, but we also learned that everyone was not only a philologist, and that philologists have talent: Olly Akkerman, a Dutch Berlin-based specialist of South Asian manuscript cultures (with a project on Bohra Manuscript Culture, Archive and Secrecy) and Federico Navarrete Linares, a cultural Historian from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (with a project on: Writing and drawing in Colonial Mexico: between truth and historical memory) performed quite well as a singer and a dancer in their treatment of Gloria Gaynor’s “I will survive” as the short video shows. The guitarist is unknown, the film was recorded by myself and cut by Carmen Brandt, a South Asianist from Halle.

Georges Khalil

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