Renata Rocco: Danilo di Prete

Danilo di Prete. Painting no. 1, c. 1964. Mixed media painting technique. Measures and collection are unknown

Danilo di Prete. Painting no. 1, c. 1964. Mixed media painting technique. Measures and collection are unknown

Danilo di Prete: Between Syndical Exhibitions in Italy and São Paulo Biennial of Art

The project has as its main goal the case study of the Italian artist Danilo di Prete (Pisa, 1911 – São Paulo, 1985) who acted in the Brazilian artistic milieu from 1946 on, when he immigrated to São Paulo, where he stayed until his death. While he lived in Viareggio, Italy, he took part in several shows promoted by the fascist regime and saw a large range of artistic production. In Brazil, his artistic production was vast and multiple, and it started effectively when he was granted the 1st prize for Brazilian painting at the 1st São Paulo Biennial in 1951. However, when he arrived in São Paulo, the self-taught artist was not able to find a place in the artistic milieu, which led him to dedicate himself to publicity and working for great advertising agencies as a poster designer. Rocco’s research aims at examining carefully some aspects of his pathway in Brazil: First, with regard to his production in a broader sense, which encompasses not only his artistic creations, but also those from his period in the advertising market; second, the relations that he kept with the Italian milieu during his regular trips, and how he absorbed its influences and reflected them in his own creations in Brazil; third, about his role along with the São Paulo Biennial and its foundation, which, according to his own statement, was decisive.

Renata Rocco has been a PhD student at the Post-Graduation Interunits Program in Aesthetics and Art History of University of São Paulo, under orientation of Dr. Ana Gonçalves Magalhães (MAC USP professor and curator) since 2014 (FAPESP scholarship). Her research is titled “Presence of Danilo di Prete in Brasil, 1940-1970”. She obtained her MA at the same institution in 2013 (CAPES scholarship) with a thesis titled “Beyond Futurism: Gino Severini´s Poetics at the Collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art of University of São Paulo (MAC USP)”. She authored articles such as “O Caso dos ‘Italianos De Paris’ no Acervo do Museu de Arte Contemporânea da Universidade de São Paulo” (Revista de História da Arte e Arqueologia, RHAA 20–2013); “Danilo di Prete: entre a IV Quadrienal de Roma e a I Bienal de São Paulo”, (IX Congresso Internacional de Estética e História da Arte – Desenhos da Pesquisa: Conhecimento e Produção. São Paulo: MAC USP, 2014. v. 1. p. 481-489); “O Caso Di Prete e a pintura de Di Prete”, (website of São Paulo Biennial, 2015, available at: Between April and August 2014 she assisted the Art Historian Caroline A. Jones, Professor of Art History, Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Harvard University, regarding the chapter about the São Paulo Biennial of her book The Global Work of Art.

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