Modernisms News I: Oscar Niemeyer’s Biennal Building in São Paulo

by Kristian Handberg

São Paulo is a metropolis without one skyline. With its endless pattern of skyscrapers in all kind of formations its buildings draw many contours underneath the southern skies. Here is one of them, seen from the Universidade Federal de São Paulo, the location of the Modernisms Academy. While most of these emblems of built modernity are vertical, one of the most well-known is horizontal:  Oscar Niemeyer’s São Paulo Biennal Building that can be seen among the trees of the park.

PS: The ever-present motortrafic infrastructure is another feature of Sampa-modern…


Phioto: Kristian Handberg under CC BY SA 4.0

Photo: Kristian Handberg under CC BY SA 4.0













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