Gabriela Siracusano

Gabriela Siracusano received her PhD in Art History at the Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA). She is a Career Scientific Researcher at the National Research Council of Argentina (CONICET). She was a Professor of Colonial Art at the Universidad Nacional de San Martin (2004-2015) and she is Professor of Theory and Art Historiography at UBA (1996 till present). She is the Director of the Centro de Investigacion en Arte, Materia y Cultura at the Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero. She was a 2003-2004 Getty Postdoctoral Fellow and 2006- 2007 John Simon Guggenheim Fellow. Siracusano is a Visiting Professor and Scholar at many universities and research institutions and is currently a Getty Scholar (2016). She is the author of several articles and books regarding a cultural approach to materiality in South American colonial art history (16th to 18th century), such as El Poder de los colores (Buenos Aires, FCE, 2005; ALAA and AACA awards; English version: Pigments and Power in the Andes (London, Archetype, 2011) and La Paleta del Espanto (Buenos Aires, Unsamedita, 2010). She is now the Director of several research projects concerning historical and chemical approaches to Spanish American colonial art, such as “Materiality Between Art, Science and Culture in the Viceroyalties (16th to 18th centuries)” sponsored by The Getty Foundation and based at the Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero.

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