Nataliia Dovhanych: Dichotomy of Memory in Ukrainian Emigration Prose

Dichotomy of Memory in Ukrainian Emigration Prose of the Second Half of the 20ieth Century

The project provides an investigation of Ukrainian survivor literature based on the texts written by emigrant authors in the second half of the twentieth century. These works elucidate the first direct experiences of the totalitarian crimes in Ukraine, both Soviet and German, and therefore are a powerful source for renovating connection between these two traumas. The autobiographical narratives represent multi-directional attempts to speak out suppressed experience and to elucidate the intricacy of circumstances which the authors went through. The research mainly analyzes the literal strategies to narrate eye-witness’ and survivor’s experience regarding Holodomor and the Holocaust. However, in contrast to earlier investigations the project is focused on the texts that are excluded from the literary canon and are hardly known to readers and hardly researched. The investigation denotes that Ukrainian survivor literature has its own specificity which is defined mainly by the fact that every text aims at a dual purpose: a proof of the crime committed as well as an embodiment of author’s traumatic reminiscence.

Nataliia Dovhanych

Natalia Dovhanych is currently a PhD student at the Department of Theory of Literature and Comparative Studies of Ivan Franko Lviv National University. She received her Master’s degree in Literary creation in 2015. She was a participant in the DAAD Ukrainian-German project “The potential of art and literature in the context of political crisis and war” in 2015. In 2016 she presented her work at three conferences, e.g.  the International Conference “Mass Violence and Genocides on Ukrainian Lands in 1930-1940s”, Kharkiv, Ukraine. From April to July 2017 she studied at the Humboldt University of Berlin (Erasmus program). Her research focusses on memory studies, narratology and the influence and exposure of traumas in literature. Four of her scientific articles were published in Ukrainian and one in English which is presently peer-reviewed.

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