World Scripts News III: Lectures and all the Work in the Background

The public program for the last three days of our Winter Academy:

Friday, September 11

11.30-1pm: Panel Discussion 5

History, Archive and Language Politics in Africa

Chair: Shamil Jeppie (UCT)

Carolyn Hamilton (UCT) “Reading the James Stuart Archive of Recorded Oral Evidence and its Textual Offspring”

Mathias Brenzinger (UCT) “Language Archives: Prospects and Limitations in the Documentation of Oral Languages”


2-3.30pm: Lecture

Abdulkader Tayob (UCT), “Between Text and Culture in the Teaching of Religion in South Africa”

Chair: Georges Khalil (Forum Transregionale Studien)


Saturday, September 12

11.30-1am: Panel Discussion 6

The European Discovery of Writing

Chair: Pascale Rabault-Feuerhahn (CNRS Paris)

Adrien Delmas(Institut Français d’Afrique du Sud), “Portuguese Encounters with African Written Cultures in the 16th century”

Elisabetta Benigni (University of Turin), “‘Engraved Marble and Lost Scripts’”: Discussing Arabic Epigraphs in 18th and 19th century Italy”

Federico Navarrete Linares (Universidad Autónoma de México), “‘There Are Many Ways to Read a Drawing’: the European Interpretation of Pictographical Writing”


2-3.30pm  Film and Lecture

Michael Allan (University of Oregon), “Picturing Philology: Early Cinema and Worldly Scripts”


Sunday, September 13

9.30-11am:  Panel Discussion 7

Script Reform and Invention from a Global Comparative Perspective

Chair: Shamil Jeppie (UCT)

Erdem Aydin (Boğaziçi University, Istanbul), “Script Reform in Turkey”

Thomas Mullaney (Stanford University), “Beyond “Romanization”: The Case of the Chinese Transalphabet”

Piers Kelly (Australian National University), “Why Some New Scripts Fail and Others Succeed”

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