Oksana Dudko

Rattling The Bars Of Its Cage: New Alternative Theatre in Ukraine

The project aims to uncover and analyze the symbolic and practical significance of alternative theatre in contemporary Ukraine in a wider political, economic, and social context. More generally, such an approach will also serve to stimulate a rethinking of the role and purpose of theatre in Ukraine, given that theatres are undergoing or have undergone very different and often dramatic political and social transformations in last twenty-five years. The project focus on the role of new alternative theatre, through four intertwined perspectives: the recent generational shift and appearence of curatorial theatre, which challenged existing hierarchies in state theatres; contemporary dramaturgy and documentary theatre as platforms for social critic and discussion; festivalization of theatre culture and creation of an alternative cultural domain; “non-conventional” theatre spaces as new forms of interaction between theatre and audience.

Oksana Dudko is a historian and theatre curator. She graduated in History at the Ivan Franko National University, L’viv, where she defended her PhD dissertation. From 2011 she has been a research fellow and leader of the project “L’viv Interactive” at the Center for Urban History, where she carries out research on the subject: “Staging Culture at War: Theatre, Networks, and Urban Space in Lviv (1914—1918)”. In addition, Oksana was one of the founders of the Drabyna Art Workshop (2004), anindependent art institution. Working as a theatre curator and artistic director for ten years, Oksana also curated the International Festival of Alternative Theatre Drabyna (2004–2011), the New Drama Festival Drama.UA (2010–2013), and the theatre the First Stage of Contemporary Dramaturgy Drama.UA (September – December 2014). Her research interests include World War I, the social and cultural history of the twentieth century, the history of theatre and theatre management, and contemporary political and critical theatre in East Central Europe.

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