Nadiya Trach

Linguistic and Semiotic Landscapes of Maidan: New Symbols in Ukrainian Public Space

This post-doc research project focuses on the analysis of the Maidan rhetoric through linguistic landscapes, theory and methodology. The importance of the research project stems from the formation of collective memory of Maidan in contemporary Ukraine. This research project applies discourse analysis and partly a sociolinguistic approach, using photos published in the media and in books concerning Maidan as the main material for analysis. The main aim of this research project is to shed light on languages along with visual art (slogans, graffiti, streamers, stickers, posters, placards) that played a role in the Revolution of Dignity, communicating identities and values to the general public, media and world community. Additional tasks of this project are to identify Maidan symbols, to describe their continuity in ongoing Russian-Ukrainian war, and to analyze their influence on the reshaping of socio-political aesthetics.

Nadiya Trach is an Associate Professor in the Department of Ukrainian Language, National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Kyiv, Ukraine. She graduated from NaUKMA in 2005 with an MA degree in Theory, History of Literature and Comparative Literature. In 2009, she defended her candidate of science thesis “Ukrainian Legal Terminology in XXth century”. Her main research interests are sociolingustics, terminology, mass-media language, and revolutionary rhetoric. Recently she published a book about the analysis of Maidan slogans.

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