Laura Bohnenblust: ARTE FLOTANTE – ARTE RODANTE: Travelling Exhibitions in the Art of Argentina around 1956

In her presentation, Laura Bohnenblust takes Argentina’s floating exhibition la primera exposición flotante de cincuenta pintores Argentinos as a starting point. In 1956, it was the first show of the newly founded Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires. As the museum only had a fixed location from 1960 onwards, a ship served as the exhibition’s space in the founding year. The Barco Yapeyú navigated to several harbors of the American south coast such as Rio de Janeiro, but it also reached South Africa, Asia and the east coast of North America to present Argentinian Art to an international audience.

Bohnenblust will contextualize this case study within the broader, transdisciplinary phenomenon of floating exhibitions. Furthermore, she will include comparative examples of other travelling exhibitions such as the exposiciones culturales rodantes: 150 años de Arte Argentino (1960). The following questions will be discussed critically: What are the intentions and impacts of letting artworks or whole displays travel through different geographical spaces such as provinces, countries, continents, or even around the world?

The examination of travelling exhibitions will allow the discussion of questions related to educational spaces, institutional spaces, (geo-)political spaces, spaces of (national) representation, and  even the negotiation of spaces in the writing of art history.

Laura Bohnenblust has been a PhD candidate at the Institute of Art History, University of Bern, Switzerland, since April 2016. In her research project “Arte Flotante – Arte Rodante. Travelling Exhibitions in the Art of Argentina Around 1956”, she investigates mobile exhibition formats in the course of  Argentine art history. She is a member of the Global Studies Doctoral Program of the Graduate School of Humanities at the Walter Benjamin Kolleg, University of Bern. Laura Bohnenblust studied Art History (2010–2016) and German Literature (2010–2014) at the University of Bern. During her research in Buenos Aires, she participated in several classes at the IUNA (2015), the UTDT (2015), the UBA (2018), and the UNSAM (2018). In 2017, she was a Fellow at the Transregional Academy II “Mobility: Objects, Materials, Concepts, Actors” in Buenos Aires. Her PhD project is funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF, Doc.CH).

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