Program and Participants Beyond History

Beyond History and Identity: New Perspectives on Aesthetics, Politics, and Society in Eastern Europe

2–12 Dec 2015, Berlin


Participants & Projects

Baicoianu, Anca-Gabriela
(University of Bucharest)
Traveling Concepts: Postcommunist Perspectives on Postcolonial Studies
Bulakh, Tania
(Indiana University)
Consumer Citizenship in Post-Soviet Ukraine
Dudko, Oksana
(Center for Urban History of East Central Europe, Lviv)
Rattling The Bars of its Cage: New Alternative Theatre in Ukraine
Fabrykant, Marharyta
(Belarusian State University)
From Tolerance of Power to Power of Violence: Geopolitical Turn in Contemporary Belarusian Nationalism in Comparative Perspective
Glukhanyuk, Anna Arkadievna
(Ural State University, Ekaterinburg State Drama School)
Pressure of Religious Context: Russian Theatre, Politics and Orthodox Church
Jackson, Megan R.
(University of Arizona)
The Running Body: From Cultural Motif to Critical Methodology
Kareniauskaite, Monika
(Vilnius University)
Disclosing Violence in the Soviet Union and its Colonies: The Case of Soviet and Post-Soviet Lithuania
Laketa, Sunčana
(University of Zürich)
Affect, Identities, Territories: Nationalism Embodied
Milosevic, Ana
(U Maastricht/U Leuven)
From Balkanization to Europeanization: The Politics of Memory in Croatia and Serbia, 1990-2015
Močnik, Nena
(U Ljubljana)
Community Theatre as Creative Source in Processing Violent Past: Post-war Youth from Bosnia-Herzegovina Creating Spaces for Reconciliation Through Performative Arts
Nemtsev, Mikhail
(Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration)
“Destalinisation” as a Problem and Perspective for Social Ethics in Contemporary Russia
Novikov, Anna
(Hebrew U of Jerusalem, GHI Warsaw)
You Are What You Wear: Polish and Jewish Visual Nationalisation Through Fashion in the Partitioned Poland (1848-1918)
Preda, Caterina
(University of Bucharest)
Art and Politics in Modern Dictatorships: A Comparison of Eastern Europe and the Southern Cone
Sasunkevich, Olga
(European Humanities University, Lithuania/Belarus)
De-essentializing Ethnicity: ‘Karta Polaka’ and the Process of Ethnicization in the Belarus-Poland Border Region
Schlegel, Simon
(MPI Social Anthropology, Halle)
Ethnicity and its Translations—The History of an Ambiguous Concept in a Contested Land
Sklokin, Volodymyr
(Ukrainian Catholic University, Lviv)
The Social Relevance of History in Poland, Russia and Ukraine in Comparative Context (1989-2015)
Tomek, Miroslav
(Universitas Carolina Pragensis)
“They would be surprised that Banderites spoke Russian”: Perception of Ukraine in Czechoslovakia during 1945-1989 and its Repercussions Nowadays
Trach, Nadiya
(U “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”)
Linguistic and Semiotic Landscapes of Maidan: New Symbols in Ukrainian Public Space
Vukcevic, Jovana
(EHESS Paris / Charles U Prague)
Consuming Heritage in Post-socialist States: Nostalgia, Political Negotiation and Disneyfication of Communist Memorial Sites
Yurchuk, Yulia
(Baltic and East European Graduate School, Stockholm)
Commemorative Practices Dedicated to WWII During and After Euromaidan
Zhuravlev, Oleg
(EUI, Florence)
From the Event to New Political Subjectivities: Comparing Euromaidan and ‘Bolotnaya’
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