Program and Participants De-Framing

De-Framing the Mediterranean from the 21st Century: Places, Routes, Actors

19–29 September 2016, Rethymno (Crete)

Program Brochure [pdf download]

Participants & Projects

Asseraf, Arthur
(Oxford University)
The Circulating Ones: News, Cables and Translators in the Electric Mediterranean, 1854-1908
Bajalia, George
(Columbia University)
Between Salt and Fresh Water: Re-Membering the Mediterranean from the 21st Century
Benigni, Elisabetta
(University of Turin)
Making the Nahda and the Risorgimento in the 19th and 20th Century in Italy and Egypt
Brazzoduro, Andrea
(Trinity College, Oxford/Marie Curie Fellow)
Global and Local Histories of The Algerian War of Independence (1954-62, and After)
Burkay, Helin
(Carleton University, Ottawa)
The Social Life of the Olive in the Mediterranean: Exploring State, Society and Environment Relations in Gökçeada
Dalal, Ayham
(Technische Universität Berlin)
Spatialities of Exception, Informality and Exile in the Mediterranean Region – Mapping the Urbanization of Syrian and Palestinian Refugee Camps
De Martino, Claudia
(University of Naples “L’ Orientale”)
Globalizing the Levantine Cities over State-Boundaries: The Forerunners of Change?
Ferguson, Michael
(SOAS, University of London)
Izmir as a City of Displacement, 1875-2015
Graw, Knut
(North Africa Institute, Sweden)
Phenomologies of Passage: African Mygratory Trajectories in the Eastern Mediterranean
Hadjipolycarpou, Maria
(Columbia University)
Lives in Disguise: Autobiography in the Modern Mediterranean
Karadag, Sibel
(Koc Üniversitesi)
Encounter of Border Control and Agency of Migrants: Turkish–EU Borders
Kayagil, Aysegul
(New School of Social Research, NY)
The Making of Racial and Ethnic Boundaries in Turkey: The Case of Afro-Turks
Lagarde, David
(University of Toulouse)
Dynamics and Networks of the Syrian Exodus in the Euro-Mediterranean Space: Jordan as a Place of Transit and Settlement for Syrian Refugees
MacArthur-Seal, Daniel-Joseph
(British Institute at Ankara)
Smuggling and the Remaking of the Eastern Mediterranean, 1912-1940
Miller, Alyssa Marie
(Duke University)
Shadow Zones: Contraband and Social Contract in the Borderlands of Tunisia
Özkan, Dilek
(University of Athens)
Immigration, Settlement and Conflict in the Eastern Mediterranean Following the Greek Revolution (1821-1876)
Quiniou, Hélène
(Columbia University)
“You say I’m French, I say I’m Algerian”: Jacques Vergès’ Rupture Strategy in the Defense of Djamila Bouhired, 1957
Selvi Ünlü, Tülin
(Mersin Üniversitesi)
Spaces of Change in the Mediterranean: Mediterranean Port Cities
Shafir, Nir
(University of California, Los Angeles)
The Road from Damascus: Mobility, Material Culture, and the Redefinition of Islam in an Ottoman Holy Land, 1620-1720
Taher, Menna Tallah Mohamed
(British University in Egypt)
Explaining the Relation between Europe and its Muslim Minorities, Using the Dynamic Compound Framework
Van Gemert, Eva
(University of Amsterdam)
Scape of Exception: Imagining the Mediterranean Sea as a Humanitarian Space
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