Fragment—Power—Public: Program and Participants

Fragment – Power – Public: Narrative, Authority, and Circulation in Archival Work

August 26th to September 6th, 2019, Beirut

Program [coming soon]


Participants & Projects

Al-Ghazzi, Omar
Twitter and the Archival Aesthetic
Alshaibi, Wisam H.
Resurrecting the Dead: On the Exploitation of Ba’th Party Archives in the Service of War
Altug, Seda
(EUME Fellow 2017-19)
Material Ruins and Ruination as Archive
Bader Eddin, Eylaf
(U of Aix-Marseille/Marburg)
Symbolic Market as an Archive and the Syrian Revolutionary Language
Bakr Shamel, Salma
A World Without Footnotes
Benkhaled, Walit
(Filmmaker/U of Portsmouth)
Generation Independence: A People’s History
Bordewich, Chloe
(Harvard University
Empires of Suspicion: Information, Power, and Social Trust in the Eastern Mediterranean, 1866-1956
El Ghoneimy, Ahmed
(Filmmaker, Alexandria)
A Virtual Tour of Cairo’s History
Elsherif, Nermin
(U of Amsterdam)
Facebook as an Archive of Popularity: The Multiple Co-productions of “al-Zamam al-Gamil” in Egypt Post 2011
Falecka, Katarzyna
(U College London)
Archival Returns: The Photographic Cultures of the Algerian War of Independence and Their Afterlives in Contemporary Art
Ferreri, Veronica
Tasharrud as a State of Permanent Loss
Gravenor, Vanessa
(Writer and Artist, Berlin)
Remote Recollecting: 3D Archiving and Sensing Power Without a Camera
Gupta, Huma
The State Between Dwelling and Building: ‘Inventing’ an Archive of an Ephemeral Baghdad
Hassan, Mohammad Shawky
(Filmmaker and Video Artist, Cairo/Berlin)
Watch Before Deletion
Ismail, Shebab
(Max Planck Institute for the History of Science)
A Virtual Tour of Cairo’s History
Khouri, Kristine Tba
Labib, Malak
(EUME Fellow of the Fritz Thyssen Foundation 2018/19)
‘From the Needle to the Rocket’: International Development, Social Engineering and the Politics of Economic Planning in Egypt (1941-1965)
Masarwi, Maram
(Arab American U/
Al Qasemi College)
The Palestinian Archive at the Arab American University in Palestine: Genealogy of Colonial Plunder and Erasure
Sleiman, Hana
(U of Cambridge)
An Intellectual History of a Milieu: Pedagogy and Curricula Formation in Beirut, 1920-1956
Sohrabi, Sanaz
(Concordia U, Montreal)
Spectral Images: Colonial Archives of Oil Production and Passageways to Collective Memory in Contemporary Iran
Soliman, Nayera
(FU Berlin/BGSMCS)
Between Home and Nation: Narratives of Suez Forced Migrants Between 1967-1977
Taher, Maysam
Borders in Disrepair: Archival Excavations and Present Crises at the Hinges of the Mediterranean
Türkyilmaz, Yektan
(EUME Fellow 2017-20)
Armenian on Records: Music Production from Homeland to Diasporas

Vince, Natalya
(U of Portsmouth)