Program and Participants Migrant Knowledges

Histories of Migrant Knowledges in and across the Transpacific: Agencies, Scales, Translations

28 May – 4 June 2019, Berkeley

Program Brochure [PDF Download]

Participants & Projects

Arbon, Mitiana
(Australian National U)

Primitive Values: Christie’s and Sotheby’s Auction Catalogues and the Framings of
‘Oceanic art’

Brazier, Hayley
(U of Oregon)
Illustrating the Seafloor: Visualizing History at the
Bottom of the Pacific
Chen, Wei-ti
(College of Charleston)
Cosmopolitan Medicine Nationalized: the Making of
Japanese State-Empire and Overseas Physicians in a Global World
Comyn, Sarah
(U of Dublin)
Transpacific Agency in the Mechanics’ Institute of the
Victorian Goldfields
Faleolo, Ruth
(U of Queensland)
A Mixed Method Analysis of Pasifika Well-Being, Migration
and Agency in Brisbane
Frain, Sylvia
(Auckland U of Technology)
Digital Oceanic Knowledge(s)
Hamm, Connor
The Art of Survival: Creative Responses to Global Warming and Climate
Migration in the Pacific Islands
Hennessy, Bianca
(Australian National U)
More Specific than Transpacific: How Notions of Place Invoke Ways of
Thinking in Pacific Studies
Hermes, Karin Louise
(HU Berlin)
On the Significance of the Kalo or Taro Plant for Settler Solidarities in
Decolonial Resistance in Hawai‘i
Hogue, Rebecca
(UC Davis)
Pacific Women Speak: Indigenous Women’s Anti-Nuclear Narratives
Lim, Rachel
(UC Berkeley)
The Diasporic Archives: History, Nation, and the Belonging among Korean
Descendants in Mexico
Mangioni, Talei Luscia
(Australian National U)
NucleaRising! An Historical Ethnography of Anti-Nuclear Consciousness
in Oceania
Oberiano, Kristin
(Harvard U)
Guam-Bound: Filipino Diaspora and Chamoru Indigeneity in Guåhan,
Powell, Emma
(Victoria U of Wellington)
“Ka ‘apai mai au i tōku ngaru ki konei”, I will carry my wave here:
(Re)scaling Cook Islands Migrations Through Discursive Genealogies
Rigler, Nathaniel
(Victoria U of Wellington)
Breaking the Lines: Identity Construction and Maintenance Through
Coconut Oil Consumption
Suliman, Samid
(Griffith U)
Collaborating, Experimenting, Creating: Rethinking Migration Governance
in Oceania for a Changing Climate
Tabe, Tammy
(U of the South Pacific)
Colonial Archives and the Politics of Migration Memories
Trimboli, Daniella
(Deakin U)
Cultural Difference in the Future Tense: Performing the Attainment of
Inclusion in Migrant Digital Storytelling
Zborover, Danny
(Institute for Field
Research, USA)
Before the Trans-Pacific Partnership: Indigenous, Spanish, and Pirates
on the Mexican Pacific Coast
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