Transregional Academies Blog

Elen Budinova: Europe’s Contested Peripheries: Zooming into the Donbas’ post-Soviet sociohistorical downward spiral into a lived dystopia of protracted war for territory and memory

Historically nested within Europe’s open steppe’s Eastern frontier amidst multi-vectored cultural transfers, but also numerous fault lines of nomadic invasions and competing hegemonic interests, Donbas encompasses a Russo-Ukrainian borderland…

“Whoever Owns Heritage is a Temporary Custodian”: An Interview with Akram Zaatari

In this interview with Katarzyna Falęcka, the Lebanese filmmaker and artist Akram Zaatari discusses his practice based on collecting and studying photography. Over the past twenty-five years Zaatari has conducted research into private archives and family albums in the Middle East and North Africa, exploring how photography has shaped aesthetic and social codes in the region.

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