Plural Temporalities: Program and Participants

Plural Temporalities: Theories and Practices of Time

24 September – 2 October 2022, Bogotà

Participants and Projects

Bat-Ami Artzi
(Dumbarton Oaks)
Clashing Temporalities and their Reflection in Colonial Andean and Spanish Art
Ana Paula dos Santos Salvat
(University of Sao Paulo)
The city as a palimpsest and the layers of time: the monoliths as antiquities and the political uses of Mexican artifacts
Mya Dosch
(California State University)
Dissident Temporalities: Afterlives of 1968 in Mexican Public Space
Hannah Katalin Grimmer
(Universität Kassel)
Somos Históricas – Art in Resistance. Artistic Practices as Alternative Memory Spaces in Social Movements Based on the Example of Chile
Verena Kittel
(Freie Universität Berlin)
Teacher Artists and the Blind Spots of Modernity: The Conflictual Research Methods of Anni Albers, Lina Bo Bardi, and Judy Chicago
Larisa Antonela Mantovani Productive uses of time (and not so much): Tensions between applied arts and industry in textile
Giulia Murace
(Universidad Nacional de San Martín)
Human, natural, urban landscapes of Rome at the turn of 20th century in the paintings of Rioplatense artists
Benjamin Murphy
(University of Oregon)
Second-Order Images: Reflexive Strategies in Early Latin American Video Art
Fabriccio Miguel Novelli Duro
(University of Campinas)
Temporalities of an exhibition: uncovering the “Brazilian Salons” between 1840 and 1884
Franciska Nowel Camino
(Academy of Fine Arts Dresden)
Interwoven Epistemologies. The affirmative reception of Latin American textile techniques in art since 1950
Laura Petrauskaité
(Vilnius Academy of Arts)
Bolivian, Mexican and Ecuadorian Art Exhibitions in Soviet Lithuania
Lucy Quezada
(University of Texas, Austin)
The Official Field: Visual Arts and Cultural Policy During the Military Dictatorships of Argentina, Brazil and Chile
Killian Rauline
(École normal supérieure)
Time Discrepancies – Returns to painting in Brazilian art (1968 -1989)
Juan Ricardo Rey Marquez
(Universidad Nacional de 3 de Febrero)
Ephemeral models enduring depictions, Mutis and the pursuit of the ultimate botanic depiction style
Diogo Rodrigues des Barros
(University of Montreal)
Made in América Latina: Art Historiography and art criticism in Latin American networks of sociability (1967-1995)
Aleksandra Tobiasz
(European University Institute)
Between Chronos and Kairos – Witold Gombrowicz’s diarisitic struggles with time
Maria Victoria Véliz
(University of Miami)
Deacceleration and Cyborg Performances: Latin American Performance
Sofía Vindas Solano
(Universidad de Costa Rica)
Cosmopolitan outsiders: Artistic practices and cultural activity of Central American artists at the international circuits of modern art, 1950s-1990s
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