Program and Participants World Scripts

World Scripts: Concepts and Practices of Writing from a Comparative Perspective

4–14 September 2015, Cape Town


LIST OF PARTICIPANTS [click on the names to find more information]:

Name Theme
1. Ahmar, May (City University of NY/ Columbia U) Contact and variation of Aramaic and Arabic scripts
2. Akkerman, Olly (Free University Berlin) Bohra Manuscript Culture, Archive and Secrecy
3. Aydin, Erdem (Boğaziçi University, Istanbul) Modernizing the Ottoman Script in the early 20th century: Revisiting the “Separated Letters”
4. Bihr, Judith (University of Cologne) The Subversive Potential of Calligraphical Structures in Contemporary Egyptian Art within a transcultural Perspective
5. Brandt, Carmen (Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg) The Manifold Challenges and Functions of Script in Modern South Asia
6. Ivusic, Branka (Hamburg University) Seven languages in one (manu)script
7. Kanalu Ramamurthy, Naveen (University of Strasbourg and Frankfurt) The Script as Speaking the Word: Scribes, Inscriptions, and Sovereignty in the Early Kannada Literary Ecology (900–1200)
8. Kawo, Hassen Muhammed (University of Cape Town) The Making of an Islamic Culture of Writing, Reading and Collecting in Ethiopia
9. Kelly, Piers (Australian National University) The preconditions of grammatogeny: A contextual comparison of script invention in Africa and the Asia-Pacific
10. Kuzuoglu, Ulug (Columbia University) Informed Minds: Communication, Cognition, and Script in China, 1892-1955
11. Molins Lliteras, Susana (University of Cape Town) Africa Starts in the Pyrenees”: The Fondo Kati, between al-Andalus and Timbuktu
12. Mullaney, Tom (Stanford University) Hot Metal Empire: Script, Media, and Colonialism in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East
13. Mumin, Meikal (University of Cologne) The Arabic Script in Africa
14. Navarrete Linares, Federico (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México) Writing and drawing in Colonial Mexico: between truth and historical memory
15. Nieber, Hanna (Free University Berlin) Drinking the Written Qur’an: Scripture and Healing in Zanzibar Town
16. Ottathingal, Abdur Rahoof (Leiden University) Translocal Mediations in Vernacular Islam: Arabi-Malayalam and Trans-Formations of Muslim Textual Culture in Malabar(16th -20th c.)
17. Pandey, Anshuman (University of California, Berkeley) The Durability and Circulation of Global Graphemic Archetypes
18. Rasiah, Arun (University of California, Berkeley) On the Shores of Learning: Scriptural Formations of Muslim Intellectual Culture in the Indian Ocean World
19. Shafir, Nir (University of California, Los Angeles) Rethinking Islamic manuscript cultures through cheap manuscripts, public writing, and calligraphy in the Ottoman Empire
20. Trento, Margherita (University of Chicago) Writing Christianity in the Tamil Country(16-18thcenturies)
21. Vu Duc, Liem (Hamburg University) Beyond the Empires: Bureaucratic Manuscripts and PoliticalCulture in Early Nineteenth-Century Vietnam and China
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