Verschlagwortet: Latin American Art

Ana Paula dos Santos Salvat — The City as a Palimpsest and the Layers of Time: The Monoliths as Antiquities and the Political uses of Mexica Artifacts

Mexico City’s power center was installed over the previous Mexico-Tenochtitlan city by the beginning of the 16th century. On the one hand, the Spaniards preserved the urban design and the placement of power buildings, but, on the other hand, most of the Mexica art, architecture, and documentation were destroyed for ideological and religious reasons.

Bat-ami Artzi — Clashing Temporalities and their Reflection in Colonial Andean and Spanish Art

Upon the arrival of the Spaniards in the Andean region in 1532, the encounter between the two civilizations caused friction in many aspects of life. This project focuses on the clash between the two civilizations and their perception of the “other”—the Spaniards by the Andeans and vice versa—through the prism of their contrasting temporal ontologies, and studies the artistic representations that echo them.

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